white women of hollywood, reducing japan and japanese culture to cupcakes, sexy ”costumes” and submissive sex-kittens since god knows when

we’ve moved from sex accessory in a white man’s arms to fashion accessory slung on a white woman’s shoulder whoooooo

it’s that time again!!!!!!

I have no clue how they think that this isn’t degrading towards asian women more specifically Japanese women. If anything they should perhaps collaborate with Japanese artists as equals instead of parading these women around as fashion accessories.

I believe…

believe that life isn’t about doing exactly what you want all the time.

I believe in the power of believing in a higher power of some sort and that my family and friends who have died are watching over me which makes me feel protected when I’m most vulnerable.

I believe in miracles and I’ve seen them happen.

I believe in science and evolution.

I believe that people have every right to love who they want and don’t think that people who are of a different sexual preference to me should go to hell and I know there are Christians who feel exactly the same way.

I believe that people should spend more time trying to understand others before expecting others to understand them.

believe in certain parts of the bible, meaning I think some of the morals are sound and give a great foundation for a simple stress-free life, but I don’t cling to every word and I don’t think that it is actually God’s voice.

don’t believe that everyone on tumblr is out to offend people.

Lastly, I don’t know who/what created the universe. I do tend to lean more towards the big bang theory, but ultimately, I like to just remain open minded so as to be able to accept new information as it comes.


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AW, how precious.

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If what I say doesnt make any sense, you can assume


If what I say doesnt make any sense, you can assume



you know how you say words so many times and they lose their meaning? that’s how I feel about the words “trauma” and “trigger” right now.

Putting this on the reg blog because it’s useful info

Fitness Blog #2 - Where’d that week go?

Without a doubt, I will always fall into the trap of over eating/not working out over the holidays and the last four days was no different.

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Now we need an 8-bit version of “Where Is My Mind” by the Pixies
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Now we need an 8-bit version of “Where Is My Mind” by the Pixies

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Galaxy Quest (1999)

I had originally not wanted to see Galaxy Quest because I heard that it was making fun of Star Trek. Then Jonathan Frakes rang me up and said ‘You must not miss this movie! See it on a Saturday night in a full theater.’ And I did, and of course I found it was brilliant. Brilliant. No one laughed louder or longer in the cinema than I did. - Patrick Stewart