How To Track Lost AIRTEL SIM Card In Few Days?

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“How I Found Out My Lost Airtel SIM card Using A Simple Technique Not Once But Twice… And You Can Do It Too!”

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You Can Find Lost SIM Cards With Tracking Apps

Which is not always necessarily true. If you go through this Airtel SIM card page or Wikipedia page you will learn there are multiple ways to track a mobile phone.

How about this? You can find the location of the device right now.

And this: You can also find your missing SIM Card in few minutes.

Lastly, see this: I am a living proof that I was able to track mobile phone that had my airtel sim card inserted. I did this twice, not just once.

Best part: You don’t need any tracking apps installed. You can get your lost sim card back for free. But before that…

A Little Backstory You Should Know

I come from India. Here is how the typical process of recovering a lost Sim card works in country like mine:

First you have to register a complaint (FIR) and in this you will talk about the location and time when you lost your SIM card. Next you have to pay the cops. Sometimes, actually most of the times, you even have to bribe the cops.

What happens here is that cops have an upper hand in these matters.

They will directly go to the network carrier like Airtel, BSNL, Tata Docom and then enquire further. But you should also know…

About The SIM Tracking Problem

Accept it or not, the cops are lazy. Or, well, very busy. When I first lost Micromax phone they told me they will find the device. Weeks later no response.

Similarly, when I lost Airtel SIM card of my iPhone running new iOS 8 firmware, I was told the same thing.

This time, me and my brother, insisted the cops to find the device. I told them it’s really important and the device is expensive.

What they did I don’t know, but I remember the device was with me in few weeks. I was told to pay extra, which I gladly did.

The thing is, you have to push the cops. Tell them you want the SIM card badly. Ask them regularly. Call them. And you’d be surprised I was calling every day in the hopes of recovering my lost devices.

So What You Should Do?

Here’s the conclusion: Register a complaint right now. Getting FIR is the difficult part, but once it’s done you only have to get in touch with the police station regularly.

Be it India or Africa or USA, tracking Airtel SIM card is always the same process.

If you are not going to take action you will never be able to find the phone. For more information on how to getting back your lost SIM you have to read the complete guide to track Airtel SIM so that you can find your lost or stolen mobile phone in less than a few days. Alternately, you can read this for more info.